Fit&Funky™ Experience Workshops

Experience – Get to know the program and the philosophy

Fit&Funky™ Experience Workshop

Feel the Funk to feel the difference!

Find out what «Fit&Funky™ – the funky dance workout» is all about in this very special 3-hour workshop! Learn why and how the warm-up, choreographed bodyweight training, cool-down and stretching are important parts of the Fit&Funky™ class and practice the exercises right on the spot.

Feel the Funk to feel the difference! This workshop is perfect for you if you are not sure whether Fit&Funky™ is the right format for you to teach and/or if you would like to enjoy an enhanced Fit&Funky™ experience and get to the bottom of this unique training concept.

A funky workout and a whole lot of Fun(K) are included!