Fit&Funky™ Choreo-Session

Fit&Funky™ Choreo-Session – Dance, dance, dance...

Fit&Funky™ Choreo-Session

Sweat, fun and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE:
this is what you can expect from a Fit&Funky™ choreo session!

The session will start with a warm-up. Then we will teach you 3 different, brand-new
Fit&Funky™ choreographies. Of course, you will learn these in the freestyle technique as
you know it from the Fit&Funky™ lesson and we will also discuss the dance quality.

In addition to some funky moves and great memories, you will also be able to take home
a choreo manual.

The Fit&Funky™ choreo session is open to all instructors and non-instructors.
There is NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE necessary. Filming allowed.

Choreo-Session, Affoltern am Albis
Saturday, 1. September 2018

With: Ursula Schläppi (Fit&Funky™ Educator) 
Place: Dragon Dance Dance&Fitness, Alte Obfelderstrasse 68, 8910 Affoltern am Albis
Costs: € 20
Time: 15.00–18.00Uhr