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About Fit&Funky™
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The Fit&Funky™ Lifestyle is…


Experience an explosive hour. Achieve fast results with choreographed bodyweight training. Become more dynamic, have more energy and fun while working out.


Enjoy various influences from styles like Hip Hop, Jazz dance, House or Dancehall. Old School or New School. Fit&Funky™ is free and not tied to any trend.


Not only the program is fresh, but also the clothes. Fall in love with the funky Style and wear our fresh collections.


Fit&Funky™ makes you fitter and melts away the pounds. In every lesson, your body will release plenty of endorphins and become a happiness factory.


Feel the Funk in every Fit&Funky™ lesson. You will be more relaxed, more flexible and cheerful. Get fit, funky and happy: Dance through your day!