Fit&Funky™ KIDZ Training
28.4.2018, D-Neumarkt

This Fit&Funky™ 1-day training is aimed at all certified Fit&Funky™ Instructors who are looking to expand their knowledge and teaching skills. If you enjoy instructing children aged 4–12 years and want to learn how you can teach a Fit&Funky™ class suitable for kids, then this training is for you.

Contents 1-day training:
• differences from a regular Fit&Funky™ class
• strength exercises for children
• Warm up, choreography, cool down and stretching for children
• dream journeys for children

As a licensed Fit&Funky™ Instructor you have the possibility to repeat
the Instructor Training for EUR 80.–. Registration.

Location & Time

Time: 8.30–17.00Uhr
BSC Woffenbach 1950 e. V. / Sportheim Saal, Hochstrasse 19, 92318 Neumarkt Opf., Germany 
 Ursula Schläppi (Fit&Funky™ Educator)


Early: till 14.4.2018
Mid: till 21.4.2018
Regular: till 28.4.2018