Become an Instructor – add some funk to your skills


Become a Fit&Funky™ Instructor!

It is of course an advantage if you already have completed a basic education with anatomical knowledge (eg dance teacher, yoga teacher, sports teacher, physiotherapist, B / C license, wellness coach etc) or a dance education.

However, this is not a "must" for the admission to the Fit&Funky™ Instructor Training, because we do not want to reject anyone who likes the program but who is new to the subject.Either way, we encourage you to regularly attend further education because it will help you become a better Instructor.

What's waiting for you at the Instructor Training 

At the Instructor training, you may expect 2 great, inspiring and informative days packed with active tuition, repetition and group work! You will take away a lot of theoretical and practical know-how and will be an officially certified Fit&Funky™ Instructor.

Contents: Warm-Up, Bodyweight training, Choreo buildup, Cool-down and stretching
Duration: 2 days