Fit&Funky™ KIDZ – the playful Dance Workout

Fit&Funky™ 4 Kidz

Fit&Funky™ KIDZ is the energetic and comprehensive
dance-workout for children aged 4–12.

Cool music, funky dance routines, plenty of muscle action and playful elements
make this lesson loads of fun and a healthy activity at the same time.

Every Fit&Funky™ KIDZ lesson contains:

1. an aerobic warm-up
2. playful, choreographed bodyweight exercises
3. a funky dance part with 1 choreo
4. a cool-down
5. a beneficial stretching including relaxation exercise (dream journey)

Fit&Funky™ KIDZ

  • combines the best of dance and fitness in a way that is suitable for children
  • is a well-balanced training that includes dancing, strength training, stretching and relaxation
  • gently and safely promotes the coordination and balance
  • helps the children to develop a healthy body awareness
  • means to learn funky moves from dance styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz dance, Dancehall or House
  • is playful and varied
  • means the kids will have a lot of fun and feel fantastic afterwards