Fit&Funky™ EASY – the easy Dance Workout

Fit&Funky™ easy

Fit&Funky™ EASY is the comprehensive dance workout in a slightly easier version.

It is perfect for the elderly, for the highly obese, for pregnant women and for those who are looking
for a more gentle workout to build up strength after an injury. Fit&Funky™ EASY unites dance,
choreographed bodyweight exercises and a beneficial stretching for a perfect training that is safe,
effective and fun.

Every Fit&Funky™ EASY lesson contains:

1. an aerobic warm-up
2. choreographed bodyweight exercises with a chair as a training aid
3. a funky dance part with 1 choreo
4. a cool-down
5. a beneficial stretching including a breathing exercise

Fit&Funky™ EASY

  • combines the best of dance and fitness in a new, comprehensive way
  • is a safe and effective workout that is perfect for people with impaired mobility
  • promotes genle muscle building
  • shapes and tones the body through choreographed bodyweight exercises
  • activates the burning of fat and melts away the pounds
  • improves the coordination and cardiovascular fitness
  • means to learn funky moves from dance styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz dance, Dancehall or House
  • is suited for beginners and self-claimed «non-dancers» thanks to its clear structure and build-up
  • keeps setting new training stimuli with regularly changing choreographies
  • is varied and timeless because it can be easily combined with any music trend
  • means you will have a lot of fun and feel fantastic afterwards