F&Fnet Member – many advantages

For active Fit&Funky™ instructors, the F&Fnet membership is mandatory.
A Fit&Funky™ instructor is only officially licenced when he/ she is a F&Fnet member.

The F&Fnet membership costs EUR 20.– per month and can be paid annually (EUR 240.–)
or semi-annually (EUR 120.–). As a F&Fnet member, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will be listed on the official Fit&Funky™ website fitandfunky.ch as
    a licensed Fit&Funky™ instructor
  • You will receive 1x per month a brand-new Fit&Funky™-choreo
    (choreography and build-up as video) and the accompanying music
  • You will receive 4x per year the Fit&Funky™ package (2 warm-up choreos,
    3 strength training choreos, 1 cooldown choreo and 2 stretching choreos,
    including audio and video)
  • You get 15% discount on all Fit&Funky™ clothes
  • You can attend the annual Fit&Funky™ Instructor Conference at a reduced price

More informations about netMember

After the first month, you will have 11 months time to pay the membership fee for either 6 months or 1 year. Attention: If you do not sign up for the F&Fnet membership within the first 12 months after your Instructor Training, your license expires and you would have to re-attend the Instructor Training to acquire a new license.

Once we have received your membership fee, you become a F&Fnet member and thus an officially licensed Fit&Funky™ Instructor and as long as you pay the membership fee, you will keep your license.

Become F&Fnet member and an officially licensed Fit&Funky™ Instructor now!

Please pay the appropriate amount with transaction name «F&Fnet Member» into our bank account.
Your F&Fnet member account will be created as soon as possible and the log-in data will be sent
to you via e-mail.

F&Fnet membership (including Fit&Funky™ Instructor license) for 6 months: EUR 120.–
F&Fnet membership (including Fit&Funky™ instructor license) for 12 months: EUR 240.–

For payments from Europe:
Euro bank account name: Funkydance Tanz&Fitness GmbH, 8610 Uster
IBAN: CH35 0029 6296 9019 9160 E
Bank: UBS CH-8620 Wetzikon, Clearing: 296
Transaction name: F&Fnet Member